Municipality of Eindhoven


The city of Eindhoven is a local authority situated in the south of The Netherlands. With a population of 225.000 inhabitants, it is the 5th largest city of the country.

The city carries the label “Brainport” due to its strong knowledge based economy. As a knowledge based and innovation oriented city, Eindhoven strongly focuses on creating the needed support structures in the domains of innovation, labour market, technology development and business development.

Strijp-S is a long-term area development which is based on (traditional) land development, organanised through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) of the municipality of Eindhoven and the Royal VolkerWessels Stevin NV, jointly called ‘Park Strijp Beheer’(PSB).

The development started with the acquisition of 270,000 square meters of the area of Philips in 2002. Ever since, a gradually and very carefully managed transformation of this glorious history has been implemented. Besides the predictable progress of the execution of the land development, the PPP acquired a growing number of tasks which were mostly addressed by own subsidiary companies. In principle, this concerns the management and leasing of existing buildings. This started with the ‘sale & lease back’ paragraph in the original purchase agreement between Philips and the PPP. However, in the meanwhile it had grown into a professional programming company which leased approx. 70,000 square meters of rentable area to approx. 700 companies, varying from start-ups to corporates (among others Bosch, Amazon and Philips).

Mid 2008 an energy company was added; this subsidiary company is owner and operator of Sanergy (combines renewable energy production and groundwater decontamination) and the link to the existing real estate on biomass plant Strijp-T.

In 2014 Mobility-S was established, the mobility company that ensures the integrated approach of the mobility issue Strijp-S and who also implements it to a large extent. A part of this mobility issue is realising 4,000 built parking lots, stimulate alternative transportation, including the exploitation and management of the parking facilities.

Finally, Light-S was created in 2014: a big investment for making the outdoor areas intelligent. The mentioned companies are the run-up to a real ‘Smart City’ approach. Under the denominator ‘iCity’ and ‘Triangulum’ investments are being made in new urban business models in order to start working on urban development in a sustainable way. Developing projects on our own for which we have in-house expertise, as well as providing funds to start-ups with promising ideas in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), belong to these efforts. The strength here is the good and integral cooperation between the municipality, the university and the commercial market players, resulting in a flexible development plan.