Introducing the Circular Economy

Environmental Opportunities for Cultural Heritage

25th April 2019

Introducing the Circular Economy: Environmental Opportunities for Cultural Heritage

Date: 25 April 2019, 15.00-16.30 CET

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Overview: The circular economy is a regenerative model designed to keep products and materials at their highest value and functionality for as long as possible through continuous cycles of reclamation and remanufacture. It is an alternative to the current “linear” economic model based on extraction, manufacture and disposal of resources (i.e. take, make, use and dispose), creating waste and toxic flows at each stage of the process. 

The webinar will introduce the principles of the circular economy and showcase what local governments are doing to encourage more circular systems and projects within their cities. Participants will also receive recommendations on what they can do within their workplaces to adopt more circular economy practices.  


The ROCK webinar programme will showcase the leading cultural heritage projects which are driving sustainable urban regeneration across Europe. The webinar programme has been designed to share case studies and insights from ROCK partners on a range of topics relevant to cities, including: cultural policy, circular economy, citizen engagement, adaptive reuse, new technologies, and urban biodiversity. Each webinar will clearly demonstrate the opportunities for historic cities and cultural heritage professionals in contributing to new and sustainable  (environmental, social and economic) urban processes. Participants will hear from a range of speakers, and have the opportunity to ask the experts questions and share ideas with their fellow listeners.

The webinar programme will be recorded and made available to organisations and cities inside and outside the ROCK partner consortium.

This webinar forms part of a programme developed in partnership between Eurocities and Julie's Bicycle.

Author: Latham Lucy - JB