ROCK webinar ‘the city as a living lab’

Examples from Eindhoven

14th May 2019

ROCK invites you to a webinar on living labs as a way of governing the city. The webinar will be an opportunity to discuss ideas and local experiences around living labs, a practice in which Eindhoven has lots to share.

A living lab is a user-centred, open-innovation ecosystem, integrating concurrent research and innovation processes, within a public-private-people partnership. The concept is based on a systematic user co-creation approach integrating research and innovation processes through exploration, experimentation and evaluation of innovative ideas, scenarios, concepts and related technology in real life use cases.

Eindhoven has mastered the living lab approach in its way of thinking and working at the urban governance level. This approach materialised in various places and initiatives in the city, and we will discuss three concrete experiments led by Eindhoven in different sites:

  • The abandoned area of the Philips factory needed a large-scale planning and regeneration strategy. Strijp-S is now a creative and cultural area of Eindhoven, focused on the living laboratory where creative persons, business and education work together intensively on innovative products and projects, in which new materials are tested.
  • Stratumseind is the longest pub street in the Netherlands. The Stratumseid Living Lab studies the utilisation of interactive lighting design to improve safety perception, by examining psychological pathways through which exposure to dynamic lighting might defuse escalating behaviour.
  • NRE-area (NRE-terrain) is situated very near the downtown area on one side, and next to a residential area on the other side. This used to be the place where the gas-supply factories of Eindhoven were located. The city council set out market-research for future residents and started a collaborative development process of the area.

Join us for an interactive discussion!

When? Tuesday 14 May 2019/ 11.00-12.30 CET via GoToWebinar.

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Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES