ROCK at Placemaking Week in Valencia

Heritage to build stronger communities

From 12th June 2019 to 14th June 2019

Placemaking is an integrated approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces,
with a strong focus on the involvement of communities of stakeholders. This approach involves
looking at, listening to, and asking questions to the community to discover their needs and aspirations.
These needs and aspirations are dynamic due to the rapid changes in society in the digital age.

Cultural heritage is a great tool to initiate a dialogue with communities and create a better
sense of places. As such, reusing and adapting the cultural heritage with the help of a community
strengthens a community feeling by linking a city’s past to its future and offering robust
infrastructure to the needs of citizens.

The basic principles of placemaking can be applied to historic areas and buildings. During this Placemaking Week workshop, we will discuss how cultural heritage is used as a tool to test collaborative models of urban development. Combining both the approach and the tool is a great way to create a sense of place for communities to enjoy, preserve and take ownership of cultural heritage in their neighbourhoods. European-funded projects working on cultural heritage, ROCK and CLIC, will present concrete cases translating academic knowledge to practice by testing innovative approaches. 

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Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES