ROCK at AGORA Thematic Dialogue 2019

Unfolding dilemmas in urban public space development and maintenance: Consequences for policy and research and innovation

From 20th November 2019 to 21st November 2019

On 20-21 November 2019, JPI Urban Europe organises a workshop dedicated to unfolding dilemmas of urban public spaces. The event will bring together around 30-40 professionals from urban administration, research community, SMEs and business representatives, but also grassroots organisations working on topics related to public space development and maintenance as well as consequences for policy and research and innovation.

ROCK participation to AGORA Thematic Dialogue on the topic of Unfolding dilemmas in urban public space development and maintenance aims at highlighting a very interesting approach to public space regeneration, where regeneration is understood as a holistic process that involves strong synergies between people and places through placemaking methods. Through its experimentation nature, ROCK focuses on cultural and historical city centres as laboratories for urban regeneration, sustainable development and social growth. Cultural heritage (CH) is used as a tool for strengthening communities and their sense of place in all the partner cities while engaging them in the process of the co-creation of public spaces that hold a cultural heritage value. 

The idea that stands at the heart of the project is to pilot ways of adaptive reuse of cultural heritage to match citizens' needs and expectations by linking cities past to their future through a set of innovative tools. Through a set of placemaking practices such as sociability (participatory approaches for social inclusion), uses and activities (sustainable adaptive reuse of CH), access and linkages (CH accessibility at physical and non-physical level), comfort and image (safety, security and branding), the project aims at exploring CH potential to suit the current societal needs, leveraging on it as an innovative tool for collaborative planning.

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Author: Draghia Miruna - URBASo