Camara Municipal de Lisboa
Municipality of Lisbon


Lisbon City Council is the local authority of the government of the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon. It manages a territory of 8.462 Ha, with 550.000 inhabitants (2011) that daily attracts another 360.000 people that come to work or study in the city. Lisbon City is part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area that accounts for 2,8 million people, 330.000 companies (100.000 in Lisbon City), 140.000 students and 61,2 GP MM€.

With the purpose of governing the city of Lisbon, its current executive government devised a political programme entitled “Lisbon: a city for the people”. A city that is close, entrepreneurial, inclusive, sustainable and global: a better city, with more opportunities to live in, more attractive to companies.

The Municipality also includes 4 municipal companies: EGEAC – equipment management and cultural entertainment; EMEL – mobility and parking in Lisbon; GEBALIS – management of social leasing and housing; SRU – manages the urban rehabilitation in the Lisbon Eastern area.

The Municipal Department of Culture (DMC) is one of 12 Municipal Directions included in the organisational structure of the Lisbon Municipality and operates under the authority of the Culture Department in the Lisbon City Council. DMC supervises different entities and its mission is to define, to implement and to evaluate cultural policies and cultural strategies for the city of Lisbon, with the aim of contributing to establish Lisbon as a cosmopolitan city, a contemporary city, a creative city and an inter- cultural city.

Among Cultural Programs that have been recently implemented:

  • Organization of the Ibero-American Capital of Culture 2017, in Lisbon
  • Implementation of the Pilot Cities Programme - Agenda 21
  • Strategic programme “Library XXI” - strategies for the Lisbon Libraries Network
  • Restructuration of the Lisbon Municipal Museums

The above-referred are included in the set of instruments created to empower the city’s cultural players and the city’s public and all are instrumental to a strategy based upon proximity and cultural appreciation.

Lisbon has also been developing a wide range of smart services that justified the ranking of nº 1 in the 2013 Portuguese Smart City Index. Smart systems/projects owned, coordinated or co-coordinated by CML include: SmartLx, Public Participatory Budget Programme, StartUp Lisboa, CitySDK, MyNeigbourhood, OpenDataLx, Public Lighting Telemanagement, IP Led traffic lights, Energy Remote Manager (buildings), Euro 1 and Euro 2 Low Emission Zones – ZER (monitorization still to be smarted), EVs public recharging infrastructure (540 electric recharging points) and EVs green parking permit.