Liverpool easier to navigate with reduced CO2

Multi-million pound scheme to improve access to WHS

Our Role model city, Liverpool, is now easier to navigate thank to reduce CO2.

The Liverpool City Centre Connectivity (LCCC) scheme, will focus on re-engineering major routes from the city’s commercial district through to the city’s retail and knowledge districts and will include the widening of pavements, removal of bus layovers as well as urban greening such as tree planting and new public realm enhancements. The Scheme which is being supported with Local Growth Funding will improve the pedestrian experience outside a major underground train station, create a new public transportation Hub which will re-route bus services to take away 900,000 dead km and 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the World Heritage Site and Bufferzone.  The scheme is aimed to improve the public realm in the city centre and enhance Liverpool’s environment for local citizens, investors, shoppers and tourists.     (Liverpool visitor economy, currently valued at £3.6bn/year, is expected to grow by 25% over the next 10 years.)    Some of the works will impact how people start or end their journeys within the city centre, but information will be made available well in advance to enable citizens to plan ahead.     Remaining areas of work include a remodelling of Lime Street, at the foot of the Neoclassical St George’s Hall which will be provided with new public event space linking the Hall to the mainline Train station.    In addition the introduction of new pedestrian walkways and bridges across Canning Dock at the UNESCO World Heritage Site to enhance the visitor experience accessing the city’s museums at Royal Albert Dock.   (Strand improvements include installation of public artworks, urban green corridors and seamless public walkways linking the historic Three Graces to Historic Docklands and main retail quarters.)   The scheme is one of the flagship projects in the city council programme of 500 milion GBP remodelling of access routes, public realm which includes a £100m programme to upgrade Northern approach to the City Centre to support a new Cruise Liner and Isle of Man Ferry Terminal and access to the Historic Creative Industries area “Ten Streets”, and Peel Land and Property’s £5billion GBP Urban Regeneration Initiative  “Liverpool Waters”.    

Author: Jameson Suzanne - Liverpool