ROCK sensors tested in Torino

Monitoring large scale events and permanent heritage for a better cultural offer - The case of the Torino International Book Fair

On the occasion of the 32th International Book Fair in Torino – organized from 9 to 13 May 2019 – the DFRC LBAsense sensors on crowd flow monitoring are being tested by the City of Torino in the framework of the ROCK project.

Seven sensors have been located in different positions at the several entrances of the Fair pavilions in the areas of Lingotto and Oval, and will help collecting data on the number and mobility of visitors at the Fair, on the duration of their stay, and on the distribution of visitors during the opening hours.

As part of the ROCK activities, the City of Torino already hosts DFRC sensors in some of its most outstanding and popular museums including the Museum of Ancient Art-Palazzo Madama, the GAM-Modern Art Gallery and the Royal Palace. The ROCK experimentation will thus help the cultural operators in Torino have a clearer perspective on the habits and preferences of visitors arriving in Torino for a specific event, the internationally known Salone del Libro in this case, or enjoying their time in town while visiting its permanent cultural offers. As a matter of fact, the DFRC sensors are able to highlight – in a totally anonymized way –  which monitored locations are visited by the same person in a specific period of time. Such data pave the way to a more tailor-made approach towards the cultural offer development at city-level, and at the same time will help the public administration design new and better services to the benefit of the growing audiences attracted by large scale events.

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Author: Albarello Erica - Turin