Skopje Open Day #1

Skopje Urban Living Lab (SkULL) organizes first Open Day with local stakeholders

Skopje Urban Living Lab (SkULL) in close collaboration with the City of Skopje and Faculty of Architecture, UKIM, has announced its first Open Day for local stakeholders. The event will take place in the space of SkULL on Wednesday, May 15. It will start at 12.00 with the opening of the exhibition of spatial data collected in Skopje Old Bazaar and will be continued by a debate with members of the local community and interested local stakeholders.

Open Day will be the first event in the series of activities organized and brokered by SkULL in the next twelve months to initiate and facilitate the dialog with the local community and among the stakeholders. The goal of Open Day is to bring the broader spatial knowledge and information about the space of the Old Bazaar to the local community in order to facilitate better-informed decision-making and citizen participation in shaping the space of Old Bazaar - a unique place filled with cultural heritage legacy. The objective is to broker creative interaction with the members of the local community through an open exchange of information and dialogue about different issues and challenges of the Old Bazaar area.

Open Day will present the possibilities for action through the work of SkULL and provide space for an exchange of opinions about current problems and possible solutions. Ideas and suggestions that will be brought afore by the local stakeholders should also serve as guidelines for institutions planning future activities for the spatial development of the Old Bazaar area and protection of Cultural heritage as well as become a significant contribution to the forthcoming Detailed Urban Plan.

Author: Marina Ognen - UKIM