ROCK first roadshow takes place in Bologna on 30 May

Testing, Testing – One, Two, Three... Technical tests of transmission!

Active participation, Cultural Heritage and digital potential will be tested in the first ROCK Roadshow that takes place in Bologna on 30 May 2019.

ROCK Roadshows have the objective of showcasing the tools available in the project to the community at the local level - including the platform – presenting to the hosting city and stakeholders a rich repertoire of innovations for the management of urban innovation based on the promotion of Cultural Heritage.

The innovations presented will be available for a real technical test: applications and products will be used and tested by the participants and, at the same time, the suppliers will be available to explain the characteristics of their products.

The Bologna event is the first of the three ROCK Roadshows, which will also take place in Skopje and Lisbon in the next months. These events aim at preparing the ground for the International ROCK Business Matching Event, managed by Confindustria Innovative Services - partner of the ROCK project - which will take place in Bologna in Spring 2020, together with the project final conference.

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Author: Lama Pamela - COBO