ROCK project was presented at LOGIN

A unique project for measuring mood was presented in the capital’s stand at the LOGIN festival

A unique stand “Measure Your Mood” of the ROCK project implemented in cooperation between the City of Vilnius and the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) was introduced at the two-day international innovation festival LOGIN – residents and guests of Vilnius could measure their expression of happiness.

All those, who came to have their mood measured, also had the opportunity to find out the mood dominating in the capital city in real time. The strongest emotions of passers-by measured using sensors and special lamps at six points in the capital city were displayed at the stand set up at the LOGIN festival every three seconds.

Project implementers believe that depersonalized information collected using sensors of the neuroanalytics system could be useful not only to the city planning specialists, but also to business representatives creating individualized services, using it, for example, to bring certain places of the Old Town to life or identifying groups of people and the time when certain services could be offered to them.

The neuroanalysis system developed by VGTU together with the City of Vilnius was designed to collect data and analyse the emotions of residents in public spaces, including additional data and combinations of information layers, which will later be used to create emotional, physiological maps and maps of pollution in public spaces, also providing personalized recommendations.

The index of happiness of residents of Vilnius is displayed online in real time at:

Author: Sliekaitė Sonata - Vilnius