ROCK colouring Bologna Modern Art Museum with emotions

VGTU video neuro-analytical system measured visitors’ mood during art exhibition at MAMbo

A great success for the event Rock al Mambo: on Tuesday, 30th July, 130 visitors stood in front of the innovative technology provided by partner VGTU (Technical University of Vilnius), measuring their own emotions in front of the works of art of Julian Charrière's exhibition "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything and Everywhere" at MAMbo, the Modern Art Museum of Bologna.

For the first time, ROCK crossed the borders of the University zone to contaminate with colours and emotions new areas of the city; thanks to the collaboration with MAMbo, visitors could experience the art exhibition from a new perspective. 

The event, realized within the ROCK U-Lab activities, attracted a varied audience, very curious to test this unusual tool and to be for once active part of the art installation and not just a spectator. Visitors were asked to express their feelings and state of mind both before and after the visit, in order to compare emotions expressed by participants through paper quetionnaires with those detected by the Video-Neuroanalytics technology, to provide fruitful feedback on potentials and funcitonalities of this innovative technology.

Author: Bartoloni Silvia - COBO