What is your city's light signature? Lyon's reflection

Lyon hosted a workshop on permanent urban lighting

On 4 November, the municipality of Lyon hosted a second workshop on permanent urban lighting.

Lyon has initiated a deep reflection on private lighting and the way it is in dialogue with public lighting, considering that the combination of the two contributes to creating our nocturnal landscape.

Different partners are part of this reflection, each of them contributing to the definition of nocturnal landscape and what makes the specificity of Lyon light signature and identity. Particularly, the University of Lyon has made a study on the impact of the first lighting Plan on the territory development; the Urban Agency organises focus groups to understand citizens’ perceptions; City services work on the reconstitution of nocturnal landscape history on emblematic sites, and the LUCI network investigates the notion of nocturnal landscape among its members.

Museums of the city history, municipal archive services as well as municipal libraries are also involved in this process.

All these activities aim at the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness among citizens, professionals and politicians about the quality of lighting in Lyon and the fact that this quality and the expertise the city has in this field is an important part of its cultural heritage and its identity
  • Better understand the way people are living in the city and the question of new usages, in particular, usage of the city at night and the perceptions of lights
  •  Organize a better dialogue between public and private lighting and develop governance tools and a framework allowing a smooth dialogue.

The objective of the workshop was to present the state of play of Lyon reflections on all these subjects related to private lighting and exchange with other ROCK cities on where they currently stand with regards to these questions.

Many ROCK cities did participate in the workshop. A special focus was made on the projects related to light being implemented by the city of Bologna as part of ROCK.

Author: Lyoen Celine - Lyon