The interoperable platform for sharing and analyzing data collected within the project is available online

The ROCK project interoperable platform is accessible at The platform makes the data collected during the project activities available to interested parties and allows data visualization through interactive dashboards, such as city activity analysis, micro-environmental monitoring and visitor flow tracking.

The dashboards  allow users to apply filters. Filters can be applied to specific values, such as cities, sensor locations, measured values, etc., or to a certain time period and granularity of the period.

The analysed data comes from tools made available by the technological partners of the ROCK project. Data is loaded into the open data component of the platform, which is based on CKAN technology. It is synchronised with the big data structure of the project and can be consulted through the dashboards.

The data on assets and actions is imported into the platform's semantic web structure in order to be interrogated and enriched through possible links with other semantic structures. From the menu of the platform, it is possible to activate the page for the execution of SPARQL queries and the connection to LOD, a function available to data analysts with knowledge of the semantic web.

Interested  users can search, take a preview and download datasets from the open data component by selecting the CKAN item from the portal menu or directly at

In compliance with the European regulations, the data available on the platform is in the aggregated form and cannot be traced back to individuals.

Author: Marcellan Carlo Alberto - CORV