ROCK Lisboa presents the Home Movie Showcase TRAÇA

Showcase third edition will reveal home movies from Marvila and Alvalade

The third edition of TRAÇA, the Home Movie Showcase, will be held in 2020. It will unfold alongside the paths in two Lisbon parishes, Marvila and Alvalade.

The previous editions of TRAÇA exposed the relationships between Lisbon inhabitants and the city’s heritage archives on a specific and perfectly outlined territory. This year’s edition will be different: unstable, mobile, and displacement will become one of its main subjects. TRAÇA’s third edition will be organised following the map drawn by the historical and everyday routes of Marvila and Alvalade population.

As in previous editions, TRAÇA [moth] will also be a space for opening archives for artistic creation. This year, the home movie archive will be open to curator Maria do Mar Fazenda invited to design an exhibition arising from the contact between the archive and this edition’s territorial routes.

This edition of TRAÇA is being organized within the scope of the ROCK project.

Author: Teixeira Paula - Lisbon