Governance and networks for greener events

First episode of ROCK Green Stream was a success!

Leave a trace, not a footprint! With the coming changes in the climate, all sectors of the economy will be forced to examine their production models and make changes, and this includes culture as well. The cultural sector will have to reduce its environmental impact and come up with innovative solutions that will sometimes call for new competences. The European Parliament asked the European Commission to think how funding programmes such as Creative Europe could encourage this change and what would be the needed tools.

In ROCK Green Streams, we look at how cities can initiate, support and encourage cultural events and activities to reduce their environmental impact. The first episode of our new series covered governance and planning: what is good environmental governance? How event organisers can put the procedures, policies and practices in place so that sustainable events can run smoothly?

Cities have some responses already: Liverpool developed Green guidance for local cultural institutions as part of the city’s environmental agenda, a great example of strategy alignment between culture and climate. Nantes Métropole initiated the REEVE network of sustainable events, now an association amplifying actions beyond the scope of Nantes Métropole's support services to support event organisers directly: more than 35 sustainable events have been organised just in 2019, with more than 500,000 visitors in 10 communes surrounding Nantes.

For more inspiration you can watch the first episode below or by following this link

Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES