“New souvenirs for Skopje Old Bazaar”: first winners

Awarded projects of the competition “New souvenirs for Skopje Old Bazaar”

The competition “New souvenirs for Skopje Old Bazaar” achieved expected results given the situation in which took place. The response of the creative sector to the competition perhaps would have been more active if it had been implemented in another time.

Fifteen works participated in the competition for the design of new souvenirs for Skopje Old Bazaar. The deadline for submission was 15 May 2020.

The Competition Commission decided to award five equal prizes of 90,000 denars to the project "Kazndzija" of Oliver Ilieski, “Azbuka” and “Kukla” projects of Jasmina Glavincheva, "Dvokesa" project of Filip Koneski, and “Keramika” project of Vederan Bojanovski.

Members of the Jury:

- Aleksandar Bogoev, representative from Local Economic Development Department City of Skopje

- Antonio Pavlovski representative from City of Skopje

- Prof. d-r Jovan Ivanov – Faculty of Architecture, Skopje

- Prof .d-r Bedir Ibrahimi – Faculty of Fine  Arts

-Vesna Avramovska – President of the Jury and president of  NGO MATA -Macedonian artisans association.

Author: Masevski Toni - Skopje