Results from a survey about experience of tourists on the Old Bazaar area

The Survey was conducted within the activates of the Skopje Urban Living Lab which operates under the framework of the ROCK project. In the period July – August 2019 was implemented survey on several questions, in the way of What did you like about the Skopje old bazaar / What did you dislike? and what are your suggestions for improving the current condition in Olda Bazaar area?   

Tourists from 28 countries participated in the survey and shared their opinions about Old Bazaar. For example, a tourist from the UK commented: “Amazing mixture of traders, products and a range of ethnicity of customers.  It seemed like a small heaven away from the commercialized global world allowing us to see authentic aspects of daily life”.In this survey tourists from 28 countries has possibility to express personal opinions.

The survey was organized by the Faculty of Architecture sn Kiril & Matodij  Skopje  with the goal of encouraging the revitalization of Skopje Old Bazaar as well as its promotion as an important cultural site and a vibrant city attraction, with various cultural, content and recreational functions for visitors. A place in the city that has all the necessary ingredients for a perfect story, Skopje’s Old Bazaar has always had charm and appealed to tourists as a beautiful place to take a walk, shoot photos, and buy some authentic traditional craftworks.

The results of the research will be used for development of future projects and programs for Old Bazaar Area  in the Sector for Local economic development of the city of Skopje and is another benefit of the ROCK project.


Author: Masevski Toni - Skopje