Sounds of the Old Bazaar

Festival of Multimedia and Multicultural Events took place in Skopje Old Bazaar

The Sounds of the Old Bazaar, festival of multimedia and multicultural events, took place on 13-17 September 2020 in the Old Bazaar in Skopje. Particularly, it was held in the center of Skopje and the Old Bazaar, including in the Skopje Forest, Kurshumli an, Suli  an and others heritage places.

The Sounds of the Old Bazaar festival has been organised for 14 years in a row. It aims at discovering Old Bazaar, which is one of ROCK demonstration areas, through performances, concerts, plays, folklore events, poetry readings, an art colony and an exhibition of handicrafts. The City of Skopje and the Center for Culture and Information are the organisers of the event.



Author: Masevski Toni - Skopje