Athens ROCK Experience Booklet is out

Unlocking the Cultural Potential of Athens

Committed to investing in urban regeneration and to addressing the need for the welfare of Athenian citizens, the city of Athens participated in the ROCK project as a Role Model city. The ROCK project, since its operation in 2018, has been a driver of change for Athens, with a distinct focus on capacity building for the local creative communities and the regeneration of urban spaces through cultural development initiatives at the heart of downtown Athens.

Thanks to ROCK, Athens has supported and scaled up a great number of innovative initiatives and has shared knowledge with 32 partners across Europe. Over the course of three years, a high number of citizens have benefited from ROCK activities and projects, making ROCK a success story, and leaving Athenians with an important legacy: the creation of bold synergies at both local and European level and the gradual regeneration of formerly neglected urban neighborhoods through cultural activities and local engagement showcasing the great potential of Athens to become a friendlier, more resilient and better place to live.

The booklet prepared for Athens, showcases this experience and through five chapters it presents Athens in R.O.C.K., The Athenian Expertise & the Initiatives of the City of Athens, The Mentoring Experience & the Cross-Cultural Exchange, What we Did – Case Studies, What we Learnt.

The Athens ROCK Experience booklet is available in English and Greek language.

Read here in English

Read here in Greek

Author: Stefas Giorgos - ADDMA