Inspiring visual maps from Open Knowledge Week 

The collection of graphic recordings at ROCK

During the 4 days of Open Knowledge Week, the team created sketchnotes in real time to capture ideas and key messages that speakers, experts and participants exchanged during the intense conference sessions.

The booklet created is now available for download. It collects and summarizes opinions, comments and the narrative of the ROCK actions in a series of visual recordings and illustrated maps. The sketchnote reflects and resonates on project main topics in order to provide a visual access on what happened during the digital event with a bit of colours, many simple pictures adding emotions. 

Each graphic-recording aims to help the participants to retain concepts and review just with a single glance diversity, collaboration and innovative pathways taken along the 3 years project across 10 great european cities. Take a look on these to discover similarities, common approaches, impacts and experiences, deploying soft tool and smart technologies into sustainable and participatory processes.

Recalling what happened during the OKW digital conference will amplify the echo of the ROCK results and provide a further possibility to upscale and design futures of cultural heritage.

Author: Lobietti Marco - NOW