ROCK presenting at the RISONANZE initiative

The experience of Torino in mapping for a better urban regeneration

Torino Urban Lab has been invited to join a large community of  researchers, architects and urban innovators that are virtually meeting in Brindisi on 11-13 December 2020 at “Risonanze”. It will be the first event in the series of meetings and lessons on how the urban transformation processes can intertwine with innovative practices in order to reach a sustainable, long lasting and open regeneration of cities and territories.

Chiara Lucchini, regional development manager at Urban Lab, will present the experience of Torino in the framework of the ROCK project, with a specific focus on the living lab approach and the mapping and visualization of urban data intended as a form of citizens empowerment. Her presentation will take place on 13 December at 17.00 CET.

In particular, Urban Lab would like to point out how the research on vacant/underused public properties developed in Torino within ROCK could be a very powerful instrument to highlight the urban regeneration potentialities of specific urban areas, also by crossing these information with other data that are available, from existing services, to the number and average age of inhabitants just to make an example.

The participation in Risonanze is free of charge. Registration is required:

To learn more about Palazzo Guerrieri – Laboratorio di Innovazione Urbana, the organization promoting Risonanze, please visit

Author: Albarello Erica - Turin