Online Panel Discussion: WE ARE "SKLAD"

The event that attracted special public attention ( Skopje Light Art District)


 Follow some of the stories of the Creative Team of  SKLAD for the development of the Festival, its beginnings and the successful realization of this year's third edition., Which were shared last night at an Online panel discussion: WE ARE Skopje Light Art District. The event was held on December 22 and attracted about 800 visitors on the Facebook page of SKLAD with particular public attention,. The previous editions of "Skopje Light Art" were presented at the panel, with an emphasis on how the festival managed to produce a successful third edition during the COVID 19 pandemic.

▶️ Filip Avramchev, producer

▶️ Stefan Aleksandar Jovanovski, project coordinator

▶️  Aleksandra Stratimirovi,, artistic director and curator

▶️ Emil Petrov, creative director

▶️ Martin Dimitrijev, lighting designer

▶️ Boban Manev, video producer.

These are the people who were responsible for the success story of  Skopje Light Art District

 The event is available at the following ink



Author: Masevski Toni - Skopje