Re-open to the public the exhibition CREAR_SI

Piazza Rossini at the centre of a photography exhibition

The exhibition installation is hosted in the Bramante Corridor of Salaborsa and represented a proposal of spatial crossing in the projects that led to the transformation of Piazza Rossini in Bologna between 2018 and 2020. The exhibition project, curated by Fondazione per l'Innovazione Urbana in collaboration with Cantieri Meticci, provides visual and perceptual suggestions punctuated by photographs, site-specific installation elements, materials, shapes and colors arranged with a view to deconstructing the new look of Piazza Rossini, to recompose it on different reading planes and different perspectives, delving into the design aspects that led to its transformation as part of the ROCK project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program.

Through the ten photographs of Margherita Caprilli, supported by wooden structures, is highlighted a real or imaginary action that makes the idea of regeneration both real and ideal. The illustration that reproduces from above the whole of Via Zamboni and the area involved in the project "Le Cinque Piazze" is made by Dewei Zhai and reproduced in large format at the center of the installation.

The model that reproduces the four sides of the square is symbolically supported by the reproduction of a planter that rests on a grassy mantle, to want to explode out of the physical space the material elements of the transformation. Some elements of street furniture, which were placed in the square for the events, are transported in the Corridor of Bramante to emphasize how the use of decorative elements return the vocation of welcoming and comfortable space.

The visual story of the realization of the project is then entrusted to the projected images, to bring back a chronological and descriptive sense of the whole process. The projected images are "disturbed" by the passage of the visitors' silhouettes, bringing inside the installation the human element as a physical presence of bodies that symbolically find the public space, in a game of lights, shadows, photographic shot and human intervention. Access is from Piazza Nettuno, 3 (entrance to Salaborsa). To enter it is necessary to wear a mask and respect all the anti-Covid rules. 

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Author: Barbi Valeria - COBO