Entrepreneurship and CH valorisation

Thematic workshop of the ROCK sister project Kairós

This was the title of a working session dedicated to expand horizons regarding business opportunities related to heritage valorisation. Mostly opportunities beyond the cultural and creative industries and the hospitality sector. Together with digitisation, there are a number of heritage-applied emerging technologies which are sourcing start-ups and high-quality jobs. They are therefore connecting the heritage field to the Next Economy, and any heritage-led urban development strategy should be aware of it. This session was on May 20th and, in fact, largely relied with the ROCK legacy.

KAIRÓS lead expert Miguel Rivas, partner of TASO and member of the ROCK consortium ignited the discussion drawing a picture of those technology-driven opportunities, including how the [modern] heritage field relates to other sectors, from sustainable construction to entertainment and education. His introduction was primarily taken from the ROCK outcomes on smart specialisation and cultural heritage. Then, it followed a lively panel discussion with the participation of other ROCK partners, like DFRC [crowd analytics] and Fondazione Fitzcarraldo.

This happened within the context of the second KAIRÓS thematic workshop, with a focus on Economy. Kairós is a URBACT Action Planning Network on heritage as a driver for urban development and regeneration, which is joined by seven midsized cities —Heraklion [EL], Cesena [IT], Mula [ES], Sibenik [HR], Malbork [PL], Roskilde [DK], Ukmergė (LT) and Belene [BG].

For more information, you can download the KAIRÓS flyer.

Author: Bartoloni Silvia - COBO