Heritage as driver for local creative entrepreneurship

How can Culture and Cultural Heritage drive and enable social cohesion and inclusion in the recovery? ROCK @ OECD webinar, 29 October

Local cultural and creative entrepreneurship can be the catalyst of new models of economic and social value creation. In such a way, it can contribute to increasing innovation and productivity, through new product design, new production techniques, new business models, innovative ways of reaching audiences and consumers, and emerging forms of coproduction. Cross-sectoral contamination can spread innovation into the wider economy. Drawing on examples of good practice from ROCK and other projects, the webinar will aim to distill the key ingredients of local action to foster heritage-led entrepreneurship and innovation in the context of the recovery. 

This event is part of the series of webinar organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on the issues related to Culture, tourism and local development: New strategies for Italian heritage cities in the post-pandemic scenario. 

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Author: Bartoloni Silvia - COBO