Experiencing the story of Bologna

The new space of Innovazione Urbana Lab in Bologna now open to the public

Between Palazzo d'Accursio and Salaborsa, a project space and a multimedia installation path are open to propose an analysis and an original story of Bologna and its changes.

Also thanks to the Lab's technologies, the visitor can become the protagonist of a new narrative of the city, between culture, scientific research, innovation, urban transformation and ecological transition.

Innovazione Urbana Lab is the result of a collective work coordinated by three partners of the ROCK Project: Foundation for Urban Innovation in close collaboration with the University and the Municipality of Bologna.

The contents of the Lab are also accessible on BOforAll, the free and inclusive app designed and created within the European project H2020 ROCK that is dedicated to the discovery of the cultural heritage of the historic centre of Bologna, with particular attention to people with visual, hearing and mobility impairment, and which has been therefore enriched with a new section.

Photos by Margherita Caprilli for Fondazione Innovazione Urbana

Author: Bartoloni Silvia - COBO