Re -promotion of Virtual Guide for Skopje Old Bazaar

Skopje Old Bazaar on the top 10 tourist destinations in Macedonia

The mobile application Virtual Gude for Skopje Old Bazaar was developed within the ROCK project faund very useful for many domestic and foreign tourists.

The description of Virtual Guide Old Bazaar App

The purpose of the application is to visualize the past of the city through a user-friendly interface that will convey knowledge to the citizens about the historical development of a specific part of the city (the Old Skopje Bazaar). By creating an innovative spatial experience and 3D model visualization, the users of the application will be able to see the authentic buildings that existed or still exist in this part of the city.

The application facilitated the access to the Historical Monuments in this area, and revived the memories of their real appearance and purpose in real time and space, curious visitors had the opportunity to see the lured of certain historical monuments and what was the  interior on then real life of those monuments.

The application visualises parts of Old Skopje Bazaar. Its purpose is to present the past of the city through an interface that is easy to use and in a way that that will build the knowledge about the historical development of this part of the city.

The application is a continuation of the efforts to introduce innovative digital tools that will enable the promotion of Skopje’s cultural heritage. The use of new technologies, such as virtual reality, enables a completely new and unique experience of cultural-historical heritage.

The app is available for downloading through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Author: Kekenovska Lidija - Skopje