The 5 th Festival of Light in Skopje from 2 -3 September

The light festival - SKOPJE LIGHT FESTIVAL is a cultural and social event where artists promote their light performances to visitors through various light installations and video projections placed in different locations throughout the central area of ​​the city from 2-3 September .

The Festival of Light ( SKOPJE LIGHTH ART DISTRICT) was initiated within the framework of the International Project ROCK.

The 5 th Festival of Light in Skopje will be the first festival in which only local artists will take part, and it will be expanded with show participants.The authors will take part in the 5th edition: Rubin Trajkovski, Aneta Stojchevska, Zoran Tosevski, Boban Manov, Martin Dimitrijev, T33 creative and co, Ana Trajkovska, Kristina Paunovska-Girazova, Elizabeta Toshevska and Pero Kovantsaliev. We will also have the opportunity to see the students from DSULUD, "Lazar Lichenoski".

Light is a form of energy that travels and interacts with matter. When light rays reach a body they cannot pass through, they are reflected. This change is called reflection. An optical phenomenon that redirects light through different paths.

The name of this year's SKOPJE LIGHT FESTIVAL is exactly the reflection that encourages us to explore light, feel it and enjoy its path.

In order to respond to the challenges of the energy crisis, and not to question the holding of the festival, the number of festival days has been reduced to only 2 days, all installations and performances are with LED lighting and have minimal consumption, and the citizens of Skopje will can enjoy this cultural event just like all the citizens of the big European capitals, who even in these moments of energy crisis keep the festivals in full glory".

The event is organized by JU Universal Hall, financed by the City of Skopje, and supporters of the event are: State Lottery, Antena 5 radio, Yunus Emre Foundation and Marathon Group.

Author: Kekenovska Lidija - Skopje