Activities in Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius Old Town Renewal Programme’s activities after pandemic

Vilnius Old Town Renewal Agency develops and implements awareness rising activities for citizens, youth and other public stakeholders, encouraging their interest in Vilnius Old Town values, ways for their preservation, thus seeking to attain the balance between development and heritage conservation. European Heritage Days are organised each year in Vilnius since 2001. European Artistic Crafts Days (EACD) are organised in Vilnius since 2015. Due to the pandemic EACD were cancelled in Vilnius in 2020, but 5 short video films about crafts were produced instead of the live events. After the lock down craft days came back and very recently an exhibition of craftsmen works was organized.

After Covid pandemic Vilnius is carrying out new European initiatives – the educational event “Meeting in the Park” takes place two years in a row in the most beautiful parks of the city capital. Guided tours, exhibitions and games for children were organised during the events.

European Archaeological Days are organised since 2021. Educational events related with the archaeology were organised in the workshops-galleries of Vilnius craftsmen. Educational activities for school children are organised during the platform “Cultural Pass”. Since then, we organised 47 educational events with more than 700 visitors.

Old Town community involvement

House owners of Vilnius Old Town area can be financially supported according Vilnius Old Town Revitalisation Programme “Community Development“. Aim of this Programme is to restore and renew environment and exteriors of the Old Town buildings with a special attention to the restoration of authentic details. The number of supported and renovated buildings is growing: there were 12 buildings in 2019; 20 buildings in 2020 and 27 in 2021. Communities are even more active in 2022 when applying for the Programme support.


Author: Sičiūnienė Aušra - Vilnius