U-Lab: 16 proposals out of 47 have been financed. Now it's time to start the activities.

After the great success of the first U-Lab call for proposal, the groups are ready to work on the University Area

After the success of the first U-Lab call for proposals, whose deadline was on December 27th and whose financement goes to 16 out of 47 submitted proposals, we're now entering the concrete working phase.

The activities connected with the 16 projects, that will last until May 2018, have been officially launched on January 24th and will be hosted inside the temporary structure located in Piazza Verdi, among the others, considered the core of the University area. The final calendar will be available in the next weeks.

Here's the list of the projects financed:

  • Archeology and History in the University Area – An interactive travel

Studio Kulla (enterprise) OpenHistoryMap (association) MappiNa (association).

  • Dancing in the centre

La Nottola Aps-Asd

  • Share your position – Participative Theatre experience at Piazza Verdi

Cultural Association Manimotò.

  • Share it! Finally, we need to use it not to have it.

LEILA BOLOGNA – The objects library

  • Know the past to project the future

Petroni Association

  • Grow up Guastini – Educational Labs focused on the Guasto garden and the community

Association Giardino del Guasto.

  • From mouth to mouth

Association Ateliersi.

  • Listening: sharing practices between body, space and sound


  • Moving Lectures

Association Malippo.

  • Let's work

Culturit Bologna.

  • A necessary Pact

Students and people living in the university area

  • Square free for all

Libera Bologna

  • Fifteen shutter clicks of urban culture

OPEN GROUP SOCIETA’ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE ONLUS in partnership with La Carovana onlus.

  • Resilience: dialogues and vision on climate change


  • Regendering spaces and relations

Associazione Orlando.

  • UNIBIKE – The Bycicle University

Dynamo Soc.Coop. a r.l., Associazione Salvaiciclisti Bologna


Author: Barbi Valeria - COBO