Creative Competitive Cities, EUROCITIES conference in Edinburgh, November 2018

call for submissions for EUROCITIES awards now open!

Next 28-30 November in Edinburgh, EUROCITIES, the network of major European cities and partner of ROCK, is hosting its general assembly. This annual gathering will bring together participants from across Europe, from different levels of governance and amongst citizens, to discuss the urban future focusing on two interconnected strands:

  • Citizenship and democracy, i.e. how cities work with citizens, empower them to engage with and understand the importance of the European project for all.
  • Culture as a smart investment for our cities’ future, and especially how culture can build stronger ties between communities, bringing people together to learn from each other, broaden horizons and build relationships, opening up new ways of communication and understanding.

These two topics are especially relevant for ROCK cities and the aspects they are working on in the framework of the project. Therefore, ROCK cities, as members of the EUROCITIES network, are invited to Edinburgh in November 2018 and encouraged to submit examples eligible for the EUROCITIES 2018 Awards.

The EUROCITIES awards recognise outstanding achievement by members in the delivery of local activities or practices that improve the quality of life of their citizens. The EUROCITIES awards 2018 will showcase projects and actions undertaken by our members to foster ‘Creative Competitive Cities’. Examples and initiatives submitted by cities as entries for the awards should have shown measurable impacts and demonstrated results in the last six months. Please carefully read the call for submissions.

Awards entry forms must be submitted by 31 May 2018, 12 noon CET.

More information on the EUROCITIES general assembly in Edinburgh:

More information on the call for awards: - make sure to carefully read the eligibility criteria

EUROCITIES contact for more detail: Ciara Drohan, communications coordinator –

Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES