Festival Habitabis

"It’s a festival, it’s a methodology, it’s a tool"

Habitabis is a collaboration tool based on a festival format, which addresses the themes of re-housing and social housing, promoting conferences, workshops and debates bringing together institutions, technicians and communities to foster more inclusive processes.

Powered by Colectivo Warehouse, an art and architecture collective, and promoted with the support of an European Cultural Foundation’s R&D Grant; BLX - Bibliotecas de Lisboa and ROCK project; and Lisbon Triennial of Architecture, it was held in Marvila’s Library on the 22nd and 23rd of March 2018.

From government representatives to communities’ leaders, more than 100 people were directly involved in this first edition. Habitabis promoted the creation of a common knowledge, more connections and new resources for social housing and rehousing processes. National and international participants shared their experiences and worked to reduce the existing distance between all the actors involved in these processes.

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Author: Teixeira Paula - Lisbon