Discover the new CPCL academic journal

European Journal of Cultural Practices in Cities & Landscapes

Discover the newly released European Journal of Creative Practices in Cities and Landscapes (CPCL). This new biannual open-access peer-reviewed journal aims to publish innovative and original papers on cultural heritage in the built environment as a set of creative practices. Published by the University of Bologna, many of its contributors are part of the ROCK project.

The focus will be the European city, with a particular attention to its transformations within the global metropolis and its flows of people, capitals, goods and ideas.

Cultural heritage is considered as a set of practices able to produce economic and social changes within cities rather than a static repository of listed objects to be preserved. Through a series of call for papers and thematic sections, the journal provides a space of reflection on the ideas, the technologies, the actors and the practices that continuously produce and re-negotiate cultural heritage as a common good - a space for democracy, participation and citizenship. The journal’s ambition is to constitute a practice-oriented platform for knowledge exchange bringing together academics from various disciplinary backgrounds, policy makers and NGOs.

Topics will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Politics of cultural heritage
  • Historic cities and global culture: citizenship, migrations and the postcolonial city
  • Urban History as politics/urban history for policies
  • Economies and management of collective values
  • Culture and cities in the Anthropocene
  • Aesthetics and philosophy of the city
  • Technologies for cultural heritage and digital humanities
  • Heritage and digital democracy
  • Cultural heritage as urban commons
  • Culture, cities and social innovation

A call for papers for the first edition is now open:

Download the N°0 edition below and find all documents for download here.

Author: Cotel Kelly - ICLEI