Opportunities unfold for ROCK cities

The call for applications for the 2018 Covenant of Mayors twinning programme is now open!

The call for the twinning programme of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is now open! The programme is a great opportunity for ROCK cities to learn from their peers on the topic of sustainable urban development and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The programme offers cities, regions and provinces across Europe the opportunity to take part in twinning exchanges that aim to increase local authorities’ capacity and knowledge to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The programme is open to Covenant of Mayors signatories (i.e. municipalities) under the condition that they take the necessary steps, before their first twinning visit, to fulfill their previous Covenant commitments (adhesion, SEAP submission, monitoring); and Non-Covenant of Mayors signatories from the EU, under the condition that they will sign up to the Covenant of Mayors 2030 before their first twinning visit:

You can find details in the call texts

The call enables local et territorial authorities to participate in two types of exchanges, mentoring and peer-to-peer exchanges. All municipalities, regardless of size, are encouraged to apply as mentor, and those who do so will for the first time be able to take part in a mentors-only workshop!

For this call a total of 6 twinning exchanges for municipalities will be financed.

ROCK cities interested in participating in the programme should apply before 14th of September 2018, 17h00 CET by submitting the online application form.

You can read about the previous twinnings here

For more information on the European Covenant of Mayors twinning programme you can also contact Pier Paolo Saraceno:

Author: Houpert Cecile - EUROCITIES