ROCKcircle video online

The circular model: a story coming true

At the General Assembly in Skopje (May 2018) we had the preview of a first video presenting ROCK Project and the cities involved in the project. You can find it here or in ROCK YouTube Channel.
The video is also available for Partners in the Reserved Area and you are very welcome on using it for online and offline workshops and events (no broadcast).

Today, we announce that a new video is online on our website: ROCKcircle.
ROCK circular model is the leading concept of the project and since it is deeply dynamic and evolutive we thought it was really important to tell it with a video, from the preliminary vision of historical city centers as extraordinary laboratories of regeneration, sustainable development and economic growth, through a multilevel circular approach connecting different actors and places in a collaborative way, aiming to the development of a shared multi-cultural, multi-heritage and multi-stakeholders city vision.

We think this is a beautiful story to tell, a story coming true and we hope that this video will lead you on knowledge and sharing of this vision we are working on!

Watch ROCKcircle video on Youtube ROCK channel
Watch ROCKcircle video in ROCK website

Author: Sabbadini Giulia - NOW