Beato-Marvila: ROCK actions in Lisbon

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The ROCK VISION for Lisbon is developed using the city’s distinctive multicultural features to foster collaborative, participatory and innovative cultural initiatives by mapping and promoting innovative re-use of historic buildings, cultural equipment, and unused spaces with high cultural potential. The aims are to attract new talents of the creative industries, develop ICT infrastructure to promote synergies, and create programmes to bridge generational gaps to strengthen the interested sites.

Beato-Marvila: ROCK in Lisbon


SKOPJE: ROCK actions in Old Bazaar

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The ROCK VISION for Skopje is about transforming the historic city area into a knowledge-, culture- and technology-driven hub. The goals are to promote creative and ICT-supported spatial practices in public spaces by bringing different stakeholders together in creative collaborative living labs.

Old Bazaar: ROCK in Skopje


Zona-U: ROCK actions in Bologna

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The ROCK VISION for Bologna aims to transform the University area in the historical city-centre (Zamboni) into a Sustainable Cultural and Creative District (Zamboni SCCD) by improving safety, mitigating social conflicts, attracting visitors and tourists, entrepreneurs and private investments. The aim is to develop co-designed cultural (“multidimensional regeneration: space and time of the city”) and sustainable initiatives (green mobility, living labs) in this area, to increase pedestrian flows and slow mobility with new cultural routes, and to enhance porticoes as a unique spatial feature of the area.

Zona-U: ROCK in Bologna