Virtualware 2007 S.A.


Virtualware is a Spanish SME involved in spreading the use of Virtual Reality (VR) solutions in multiple sectors: tourism promotion & cultural heritage, civil engineering, architecture and urban planning, training, ehealth, etc. The company provides on-demand solutions according to client needs and commercialize our own innovative products. Virtualware is member of the Steering Board Comittee of Nem, the European Technology Platform, where New Media Content and Networks meet; and of Spanish Research platforms for ICT services , ehealth & etourism.

Virtualware has an strategic focus on Serious Games for enhancing cultural heritage, eEducation & ehealth. Virtualware does provide the latest technology solutions to clients with the aim of developing products and solutions which generate unique user experiences for active, collaborative and participative learning processes about cultural assets. Through the use of simulators, interactive applications, gamification techniques and Serious Games we can increase the participation and commitment of users which leads to improved motivation and results.

Virtualware has an extensive background in developing innovative ICT solution for “enhancing the past” and make it closer to 21st century citizens. Till date, Virtualware has produced more than 30 educational and cultural interaction games for all kind of ages. Till date, our Cultural Heritage department is oriented to turn-key solutions for clients. In the R&D department, we are working strong in trying to get to market a successful product adapted to cultural heritage market needs.

During large scale demonstrators in Replicator cities and implementation of Role Models initiatives, Virtualware will place its technologies and tools for virtual and augmented reality at disposal of the cities for their CH-led urban regeneration actions linked to ROCK project.